Mobile Technology brings Innovation to traditional Industry

Mobile Technology brings Innovation to traditional Industry


Founded in 1976, SZE WO CHAAN CO., LTD. has been providing quality, reliable and safe gasoline equipment and service to the community of Hong Kong. In the last two decades, Sze Wo Chaan has become one of the largest gas providers in Hong Kong with an extensive sales network. The company has also expanded its service to kitchen and washroom design for households recently. With the philosophy of “Running business with heart” and “Putting customers first”, Sze Wo Chaan articulates the latest technology in a traditional business for enhancing operation efficiency and company image.


Breaking through industry traditions, streamline process with mobile apps


"Actually the gasoline product industry is relatively traditional, thus it is not easy to implement information technology. However, if we want to improve our service quality and enhance competitiveness, we must break through the tradition. Nowadays, the application of mobile technology has become mature and Techland also equipped with related R&D capability. Therefore, we conceived to use the mobile apps with the repair and maintenance system." Joyce Lee, Managing Director of Sze Wo Chaan said.


Repair and Maintenance System (RMS) can record customer contact information, purchase history, expiry date, LPG readings and repair / maintenance records. Staff can establish the job directly in the RMS system and view the goods delivery status, as well as installation or repair job scheduled. In order to facilitate the on-site work, Techland has developed a mobile apps for Sze Wo Chaan which allow the staff to handle the goods delivery and repair / maintenance with their mobile phone easily.


Techland is also the pioneer to connect Octopus card with the mobile apps for payment, so customers can pay with their Octopus cards to reduce the inconvenience of cash handling by staffs. In addition, for unsuccessful delivery of products or services, staffs can report the reason in the apps and re-schedule the next delivery. As the mobile apps are fully integrated with the RMS system, all data are updated in a timely manner and the system can provide analysis reports to the management.


E-commerce web site to enhance customer experience


In addition to RMS system and mobile apps, Sze Wo Chaan is revamping the company website by adding online shop and membership system. Joyce said, "E-commerce allows customers to purchase our products conveniently and the membership system facilitate us to implement targeting promotion strategy. These can extend our sales channel from offline to online and improve customer experience and loyalty. With the integration of E-commerce and ERP system, we can manage both online and offline business efficiently on one centralized platform.”


Sze Wo Chaan acts as an good example for the industry of utilizing innovative information technology to streamline the workflow and achieving their “customer-oriented” vision.