Maintenance & Repair Management System (RMS)

The maintenance & repair management system is designed for product distribution agents. It is a centralized management platform for receiving orders from local dealers, managing delivery, installation and follow-up repair and maintenance services to customers. With the integration to TecE ERP system, the entire sales and after-sales process can be handled properly and efficiently.


Feature Highlight:

Customer and product maintenance registration, including expiry date, maintenance fee, etc.
Job scheduling and worker arrangement
Job management including work order and job detail records
Customer enquiry and maintenance / repair service records
Integrate with inventory module for good delivery, management of material issue / return
Integrate with sales & accounting module
Provide maintenance analysis report


Improve quality of after-sales service by rapid response to customer

Goodwill and brand building with well-organized maintenance service

Enhance cross-department communication and avoid human mistake by integration with ERP modules

Improve product function and quality with maintenance analysis