Job Management

Techland's R&D team is always people-oriented. Users can enjoy the benefits of TecE ERP system through practical and convenient features. The job management module helps enterprise to divide, allocate and monitor job tasks. Users can use the centralized platform to manage their daily work and report progress

Feature Highlight:

Provide template setting of frequent or periodically executed tasks for easy reuse
Users can set one or more job management dashboard in the control centre. The to-do-list can be displayed by user, department, category, or even VIP customers, and sort according to priority or deadline
Job can link to related trading documents for further details
Users can create routine system tasks with pre-defined execution schedule, e.g. generating routine reports, importing / exporting item, customer and supplier data. System will auto-execute the tasks and send the result to the responsible person by E-mail or through TecE mailing centre
Support sequence setting to complete the specific task and then start the next task

Key Benefit:

Divide tasks to different levels with clear responsibilities defined, promote efficiency on job allocation and execution

Centralize the job management and progress report to ensure the execution on the right track

Automation of routine system tasks to promote efficiency and reduce missing execution

Concentrate time and resources on core business which bring higher value