What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an integrated software solution used by organizations to manage core business process. Organization can record, manage and share their information on the integrated platform to ensure the data integrity. ERP system is the backbone to support the growth of business.

TecE ERP Overview

TecE (TecSystems-Enterprise) ERP is a proven ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system tailored for Hong Kong and PRC trading, manufacturing and servicing industry. TecE is a reliable and powerful solution for enterprises to automate their operation flow and enhance productivity and efficiency. Designed to be dynamic and scalable, TecE ERP runs on multi-tier platforms with XML and API integration for web and mobile application to provide a comprehensive solution.


Finance & Account


Trading / Distribution






Project Management


TecConnector BI Tool

Feature Highlights

Modular design fits for various business needs
Multi-Lingual interface with Unicode applies to all inputs
Multi-Company, Multi-Currency, Multi-Warehouse
User-defined graphical workflow
Support product image on documentation
Multi-level user access right setting
Support lot / serial management and bar code application
Approval centre enables document authorization through workflow automation
User-defined checking rules, e.g. credit limit, price control, insufficient stock, over ship control
Document versioning for systematic tracking on modification of record
Fully integrated with e-commerce , POS and mobile apps for omni-channel business
i.Search one-stop platform for all ad-hoc enquiry, from order tracking, pricing history to cross-departmental monitoring
TecConnector business intelligence (B.I.) tools for big data analysis and reporting on key performance indicator (KPI)


Improve efficiency and reduce human mistake

Lower cost by utilize productivity and resources

Enhance cross-department collaboration

Improve customer relationship and service

Reduce manufacturing error and improve production quality

Proactive to business alert and quick response time to market change