Inventory Management

Effective management of inventory is critical to minimize the inventory cost and implement just-in-time (JIT) management concept. TecE ERP provides a robust and structured warehouse management system – enabling you to accurately control, track and account for all inventory transactions and to reduce inventory-carrying costs.

Feature Highlight:

i.Coder for auto-generate unique item code with user-defined patterns
Support unlimited number of warehouse locations. “Cost Free” locations for storing of damage goods
Multiple Costing Method: average cost, FIFO (First-in-First-out), standard cost and lot costing
Safety stock levels assigned to products/materials to facilitate re-order decision
Real time stock enquiry with user definable formula for projected stock calculation
Lot management for tracking of products / materials by grade or by expiry
User-defined minimum order quantities (MOQ) and bulk sales / purchase unit
Stock take centre for systematic cycle counts
Access control for the viewing or updating of sensitive information such as item costs and prices
Integration with trading / distribution, accounting and manufacturing module
Support usage of RFID / Bar code system
Comprehensive analysis report on slow moving item, re-order level and stock movement, flexible report templates with TecConnector B.I. tool


Improve efficiency by automating inventory in / out process and integrate with other ERP modules

Enhance customer service with on-time delivery and avoid insufficient stock

Maintain appropriate inventory level and minimize the inventory cost

Accurate and real time information of inventory level to support sales and purchase decision