Manufacturing Management

Materials and production flow is always the most important but also the most difficult parts in manufacturing management. Lack of systematic approach will lead to material shortage or over-stock which can increase the production cost and delay the delivery. TecE ERP manufacturing module helps to manage the whole production process. You can now achieve your production target on time and with lower cost by centralizing your production cycle and materials management.

Feature Highlight:

Multi-level and multi-version Bill of Materials (BOM) configuration
Pre-defined substitution item and scrap rate for MRP calculation and analysis
Engineer Changing Note (ECN) to record the impact of engineering changes on BOM and MO
Intelligent Production Scheduling (IPS) auto-generate MO by sales order and forecast
Material Requirement Planning (MRP) for materials calculation and generate Purchase Requisition Note (PRN) and Purchase Order (PO)
Production Execution Centre (PEC) manage PMC documents: Material Issue Note (MI), Material Returns Note (MR), Product Completion Note (PC), etc.
Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP) / Shop Floor Control monitor production schedule and progress
Sub-Contract Management
Quality Management (QC) on materials and finish products
Production Development Management
Lab Test Report Management
Mould and tool plan management
Regrind Material Management
Production Cost Allocation (PCA) allocate production cost with pre-defined costing elements, e.g. electricity, salary, machine depreciation
Multi-dimensional analysis on material supplies and demands, cost variance, progression variance and efficiency, etc.


Lower manufacturing cost and shorten production cycle by centralizing production process and control wastage

On-time delivery with accurate planning of materials and production schedule

Quick response to the rapid changing marketing by shorten product development and production cycle

With details production cost analysis, focus on the products with higher project margin