TecConnector BI Tools

TecConnector is an advanced Business Intelligent BI reporting tool integrated with MS Excel spreadsheet. With TecConnector, you can retrieve and manipulate the data from TecE ERP system directly with your desired format in Excel.

Feature Highlight:

Cover multiple module of TecE ERP: trading / distribution, finance and accounting, inventory and manufacturing
No programming knowledge required, system data can be retrieved by simple Excel commands
Instead of data import & export, TecConnector retrieves data from TecE ERP system directly for most updated record
Auto-refresh data sources by one mouse click
Data for retrieve includes but not limit to : company, account information, item information, analysis code, date, quantity, amount and cost
Can generate reports for multi-department, multi-period comparison and profit analysis
Provide login screen and access right setup


Provide the highest flexibility to tailor made desired report format

Utilize the functionality of Excel for further manipulation of data

Reduce the time to generate report, improve working efficiency

Users with little technology background can manage the TeConnector easily, reduce the workload and cost to tailor made analysis reports by IT professionals

Support decision making with real time and multi-dimensional data analysis