SANKO TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO. LTD. is a well-known Japanese enterprise, experienced in supplying plastics and other raw materials for industrial use. From product development, material sourcing to mass production methods, SANKO provides professional recommendations to the customers on improving the productivity and quality. SANKO headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, with sales office in Hong Kong and Vietnam. Shanghai branches also set up for further expanding the business.

Experienced in helping Japanese enterprise to meet international standard

One of the challenges for foreign enterprises in mainland China is to comply with the financial regulations of Mainland and also the requirements from headquarter on the financial information and reports. SANKO (Shanghai) also faces the same problem, the Financial Manager, Ms Wang said, "In the past, we used the local financial software which can meet the PRC financial requirements. However, we always have to report and integrate the financial data with our head office in Japan, the PRC software obviously cannot not fulfill our needs. That’s why we changed to use TecSystems ERP.”

"TecSystems ERP is a international software which is user-friendly and easy to learn. It fully supports the local accounting process and format requirements and at the same time meets the needs on financial analysis of our Japanese headquarter. Coupled with the user-defined financial report formats and export-to-Excel features, the financial data can now easily consolidate and report to our headquarters." Ms Wang continued. Project analysis is one of SANKO’s concerns, TecSystems ERP provide detailed profit analysis down to project level, e.g. showing the profits, selling price, cost of goods sold and cost of tax by project.

In addition, Techland is experienced in system implementation for Japanese enterprise, so it can fulfill the unique requirements of Japanese companies, e.g. supports 7-8 decimal places for unit price, after-month-end payment terms, credit limit control, etc.

Cross-border integration by real-time system operation

The consistency and integrity of information management is critical for cross-boarder enterprises. TecSystems can be used remotely through internet and Techland also has support centers in different locations to provide comprehensive services to the clients.

"SANKO (Hong Kong) has begun to use TecSystems ERP in 2004 and our Shanghai branch also started to use TecSystems via the Internet in 2008. We have chosen to locate our server in Hong Kong as it can facilitate the data integration and manipulation in Hong Kong, while Shanghai can instantly update and view the information. We would like to say thank you to Techland (Shanghai) branch for helping us on our daily operation. " said Mr Morimoto Tetsu, general manager of SANKO (Shanghai).

From the case of SANKO, we understand that selecting an appropriate ERP system is very important for a foreign company who target to expand their business in mainland. A suitable ERP system does not only improve the efficiency and also optimize the cross-boundary management.