Toys manufacturing is one of the most important industries in HK and PRC. Rapid production cycle, complicated BOM (Bill of Materials), variety of parts, and handling of common & substitution parts are all characteristics of toys industries, thus they have some specific requirements on the ERP Systems.

In order to understand how TecSystems ERP implemented in toys industries, we visited SUPREME INDUSTRIAL CO. and had an interview with their Director, Mr Chan to share their experience with us. SUPREME is a toys manufacturer based in Hong Kong and have own factory in Dongguan. There are around 20 office staffs and over 600 factory workers, their products are now exported to worldwide. SUPREME are now using TecSystems full modules in both HK and PRC location.

Q:Why did you implement ERP system in your company?

A:Actually, we used computer systems in our daily operation for many years. However, the old systems cannot fulfill the requirements for our business growth, many procedures, e.g. MRP still need to handle manually. The Inventory data was inaccurate which affect our cash flow, delay the order delivery and increase the cost. As a result, we considered to implement a comprehensive and integrated ERP system to improve the productivity, cost effectiveness and provide more accurate production analysis.

Q:How much is your investment on ERP System?

A:Beside the full modules of ERP system, we also have to replace all computer hardware as we used UNIX system before. The total investment including hardware and software is around HK$300,000, which I think is valuable.

Q︰How is the progress and effectiveness of implementing Tecystems ERP solution in your company?

A:Now, we are using TecTrade to create sales documents in HK. In China Factory, we maintain the stock data in TecInventory and creating purchasing documents by TecTrade. We can also calculate the MRP by defining the BOM and processing the MO in TecMFG module. TecSystems are now   implementing in both HK and PRC office, we will start the CRP and using TecAccount to handle our full set account later. Although the implementation is still work in progress, we can already see significant benefits and improvements on the documents flow, efficiency, materials and stock control.

Q:What do you think on the role of management / project manager in the implementation of ERP project?

A:As a management, I surely give my fully support to the implementation of ERP Project. Besides, project management is very critical to the system implementation, the project manager should have the talent and also the enthusiasm to the success of project. Mr. Ng, our factory manager is responsible for the implementation of the ERP system. He always arrange cross-department meeting to discuss and understand the needs of different departments, then communicate with Techland in order to ensure the ERP system can run smoothly.

Q:ERP Implementation always involves different department, did you find any difficulties in the coordination?

A:Basically, our company structure is not very complicated and all of our staffs are willing to cooperate with each others. Besides, we used computer system in daily operation for many years, all departments support to the implementation of ERP systems which can help them to improve efficiency.