Change Continuously to Stand in Toy Industry

PLAYGO is one of the leading toys manufacturer in Hong Kong. In recent years, the change of global economy and business environment also brought great challenges to PLAYGO. "In the past, our products mainly targeted to 3-14 years old. With the development of technology, we have added more electronic and intelligence elements to our toys in order to widen our product age," said Connie Lin, Managing Director of PLAYGO. In addition to ODM for other brands, PLAYGO also build their own brand which is 30% of all products now. "Customers are now more demanding, they require different support services, e.g. self-quality check, packaging design, etc. As a result, we cannot still rely on manual operation in this changing business environment”

Optimize System to Meet the Needs of Analysis

PLAYGO started using TecE ERP system since 2002, a lot of paperwork and manual input job were reduced and efficiency are greatly improved. The communication between Hong Kong and PRC are also enhanced with more centralized and transparent information. TecE will consolidate the operating data and provide KPI analysis in real time basis which support management level to formulate appropriate sales strategy. This year, PLAYGO plans to invest more resources and work with TECHLAND to further optimize the analysis of inventory and production in order to maximize the ROI of ERP system.

Management Involvement is the Key of Project Success

Implementation of ERP systems always bring changes to the operation workflow, so the commitment and support from management level is the key of success of ERP project. "In addition to showing the commitment to the ERP project, PLAYGO’s management also placed a high degree of participation in the implementation process which helps a lot in the project progress.” said Darren Leung, Chief Systems Consultant of TECHLAND " Connie also said that business turnover is inevitable, so the management should also actively participate to avoid project pending.

Confidence Building from 15 years partnership

According to Connie, “Choosing TECHLAND as our ERP software vendor is mainly because their systems consultants can fully understand the workflow and practice of toys industry, coupled with their professional R&D and support team who can solve many application problems." Honestly, human factor is often the key to system implementation, TECHLAND provide high flexibility to meet the practical operation needs of end users, but at the same time without losing the control from management perspective.

With 15 years of partnership relation between PLAYGO and TECHLAND, both parties develop very strong confidence already. Looking ahead, they will continue to work closely and let TecE ERP system to create greatest value to the company.