SHANGHAI DAISHINKU INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. LTD., Japan listed company has been established for over 50 years. Its main business is manufacturing and sales of electronic parts and equipments, its own brand “KDS” is a well-known brand name in the industry. DAISHINKU’s headquarter located in Japan and has branches in the US, Europe & Asia. In China, there are offices / factories in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hong Kong.

DAISHINKU (HK) used TecSystems ERP since year 2002, includes trading, accounting and inventory modules. DAISHINKU (Shanghai) also used HK’s ERP system remotely through the Internet which supports their Shanghai users to print the trading documents conveniently. Making use of the multi-language interface in TecSystems ERP, Japanese management can operate the system with Japanese interface, while Hong Kong staffs can operate in English interface and Chinese interface for PRC staffs.

Understanding the specificity of Japanese enterprises

Techland has large Japanese customer base, that why can fully understand the requirements of the Japanese enterprises and developed different features to suit their business processes. In addition, TecSystems provides nearly hundreds of analytical report to facilitate the operation management , e.g. "Slow moving item analysis", "Reorder level analysis", "Best selling Analysis", "Debtor aging analysis", "Account receivable & payable analysis" etc.
As DAISHINKU Hong Kong and Shanghai offices have to report the sales figures to Japan headquarter regularly, Techland helps to tailor made a variety of sales analysis reports, as well as export the sales data to the format required by the headquarter for further analysis.

Highly flexible setting to fulfill business needs

TecSystems ERP’s multi-company setting allows DAISHINKU to set up Hong Kong & Shanghai branches separately in the same system. All data are treated independently and the user access right can be set per each branch for better control. TecSystems ERP also supports multi-currency, multi-warehouse and multi-unit conversion features which provide greater flexibility to deal with different trading patterns and needs in the global market.

To further strengthen the inventory management and automation, DAISHINKU recently implemented TecMobile module. With the assist of bar code and TecMobile application in PDA device, the warehouse management & working efficiency greatly improved by saving the time for data input and avoid human errors.

With the continuous development of DAISHINKU, We believe TecSystems ERP will permeate to all levels in the company. Techland also committed to develop more practical features and modules to meet different customer needs