Global Circuit Board Co., Ltd.
Strengthen Information System by upgrade ERP system

Global Circuit Board Co., Ltd. (GCB) is a major PCB supplier in Hong Kong. With over 20 years of experience, GCB has established branches in 5 countries with more than 2,000 staffs. Now, GCB exports their products and services to 20 countries around the world.

GCB has been using TecE ERP system to assist daily operations many years ago. In order to further optimize the application of Information systems, GCB plans to upgrade their system in 2018, which coincides with the government's launch of the Technology Vouchur Program (TVP), GCB decided to apply and successfully passed the approval of funding.

Confidence Choice with Years of Cooperation

"We decide to upgrade to TecE ERP system because of our trust to Techland. We have using TecSystems provided by Techland for more than 10 years. We are very confident in the function, stability and service of Techland’s solution. More importantly, Techland can 100% migrate all our data to TecE ERP which other vendors cannot do," said Kelvin, accounting manager at GCB. In fact, in order to assist existing customers to upgrade their systems more smoothly, Techland has invested a lot of resources to develop the data conversion program.

After implementation, training and data conversion, GCB has successfully upgraded to TecE ERP system include sales, purchasing, accounting and inventory management module with notable benefits.

Significant Benefits after System Upgrade

In addition to flexible interface design and optimization on speed and security, TecE ERP system also enhances the capability of business intelligence. The aim is to provide enterprises with multi-dimension analysis reports to assist in business decisions and strategy. "Accuracy of the data is very important to accounting, but sometimes the input errors are inevitable. The analysis report of the TecE system provides the drill down function, so we easily trace the records and can correct it immediately. The process is very smooth and convenient which greatly improve the efficiency of our operation and ensure the accuracy of the data. In addition, the analysis reports provided by the system are very suitable for our needs," Kelvin said.

Tackle Challenge with TecE System

Referring to the impact of the global economic trend, GCB Executive Director, Victor said, "As Europe is our main export market, the recent trade war between US and China does not have serious impact on us, however maintaining a stable exchange rate is beneficial to our business. In addition, the technology level of China is more mature than Southeast Asian countries, so China is still our main production base, but with the rising cost of the Pearl River Delta region, the domestic PCB production bases also have the trend of moving westward."

Nowadays, all enterprises are thinking hard to improve the cost-effectiveness. GCB understands that in addition to controlling costs, strengthening IT systems can effectively improve efficiency and fasten the response to the rapidly changing markets, thereby enhancing it’s competitive advantages.