TOP CEL INTERNATIONAL TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO LTD. is a China and Japan joint venture company which established over 50 years, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dalian and Tianjin. TOP CEL mainly focuses on the trading of manufacturing tools from Japan, Europe and US, e.g. NITTO" Quick couplings and tools.

As early as Year 2000, TOP CEL Hong Kong office had started using the TecSystems ERP software, modules include: sales, procurement, finance, warehouse & TecAlert. In Year 2007, the Shanghai Office also implemented TecSystems ERP successfully.

TecSystems ERP provides TOP CEL with functions targeted to the export trading company in PRC, e.g. multi-currency, VAT & custom taxation handling which greatly enhance their working efficiency and accuracy. The system upgrade service is also highly appreciated by TOP CEL as the yearly system upgrade will bring them many new & practical features / report.