PMS INTERNATIONAL FAR EAST LTD. is an international trading enterprise with branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen, providing a variety of products from toys, home decoration, household goods, stationery, to handicrafts. PMS is well-known in the industry with their stable source and high quality of products and services.

PMS (Hong Kong) firstly introduced TecSystems ERP in Year 2000, followed by Shenzhen and Shanghai Branches. They are using the sales & procurement, financial and BOM modules.

PMS (Shanghai) is mainly responsible for the operation of procurement in PRC and export to Europe and USA markets. "Shanghai branch is our major sourcing centre in East China which really needs an integrated system for manage the information systematically. We choose TecSystems ERP is mainly due to its practical features that suit for export trading enterprises, like us." Arial, General Manager of PMS (Shanghai) said.

I-coder and flexible grouping support systematic management of item

PMS (Shanghai) ‘s showroom is filled with all kinds of toys, household goods, gifts and trendy products. However, the large number of product categories also brings them the problems on the item management. "Fortunately, the i.Coder function allows us to pre-define the item code format according to their nature and auto-generate the item code systematically. Now our item code structure can be standardized and avoid many human input errors. Furthermore, the user-definable grouping of item support us to analyze the information in different angles, e.g. brand, color, item type. With TecSystems ERP, even we have many type of products, we can still manage them properly. " Carroll, Business Manager said.

In addition, PMS apply the TecMobile module in trade fairs and showrooms which is totally integrated with other TecSystems module and can be used in anywhere. User can simply uses the PDA device to check the product information, even issue and print the quotation immediately. This greatly enhances the corporate image and the customer satisfaction.

I-search help for order tracking easily

Carroll is deeply impressed by the analysis and tracing function of TecSystems, "Now, each item code can be linked to various customer and supplier codes so that we can trace their relation conveniently. The i.Search intelligent tool also helps on the inquiry and tracking of order status and related information. " Carroll totally agreed that Techland (Shanghai branch) really gave great support to PMS by solving their system problems in a timely manner.

The successful story of PMS proved the professionalism of Techland once again. From item code, cost control, as well as the mobile application, Techland take care the special needs of each client and industry.