SUN FASHION CORPORATION is an international trading company providing apparel accessories and other fabric materials, e.g. Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Products (NISSHINBO MOBILON), Non-Woven Fabrics (NISSHINBO Oikos). SUN FASHION has office in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. The Shanghai office and showroom are located in the famous Shanghai Mart Centre.

System Upgrade Bring Surprises to the Customers

In order to improve the operation efficiency, S.F. CORP HK LTD (HK office of SUN FASHION) firstly introduced TecSystems ERP in 2003 and Shanghai Office also started to use TecSystems ERP in 2006. “Our trading business involve both local & oversea markets, TecSystems ERP equipped with localized PRC features, but also combine the international business management model which especially fit for the export trading enterprise.” Mr Chen Peng, general manager of SUN FASHION (Shanghai) said.

"The customer support team of Techland (Shanghai) responds and resolves our daily operation problems quickly. We particularly appreciate the yearly upgrade services of TecSystems. In addition to the compatibility with other applications, the upgrade version always give us surprises with it’s new features and reports. We believe that Techland really put a lot of effort and creativity behind in the R&D process of TecSystems."

Building Corporate Image by Personalized Document Format

SUN FASHION is now using the trading and warehouse module of TecSystems. i.Search is one of the most impressed functions to the users. With i.Search, users can trace the order progress by inputting searching criteria, e.g. item, customer, order no., etc., TecSystems will immediately search out all associated information, e.g. related purchase order, good receive and delivery status, AR and AP status.
TecSystems not only promote the working efficiency, it also helps to enhance the corporate image. "We can now printing the product image on the customer quotation. This facilitates the client to refer related product sample while our new staffs can also view the product photo on the order directly to get familiar with the products and operation easily.”

“Techland also designed different document formats according to our requirements with electronic signature function, so that we can send out the confirmed quotation or contracts to client by e-mail directly from TecSystems. It greatly save our time and promote our corporate image and customer satisfaction.” Ms Wu, the Sales Representative said.

Facing the trend of globalization, establishing an international image and good relationship with customers become the critical success factors of business. The implementation of ERP system can help to achieve this goal.