ELETEK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was established in year 2000, focuses on selling various types of marine electronic products, and providing technical consulting, system design, installation and maintenance services. ELETEK headquartered in Hong Kong and have representative office in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian and Qingdao. Shanghai representative office is the management centre of Shanghai, Tianjin and Qingdao. Hong Kong ENKO company also located in Shanghai to handle the R&D and production process.

As early as year 2000, ELETEK introduced TecSystems ERP and has penetrated all levels of the company over the years. Mr Leung, general manager of ELETEK (Shanghai) said, "In addition to commonly used trading and inventory modules, I mostly appreciate that Techland continuously develop new modules and functionalities to support the sustainable development of our business. Recently, we have purchased TecCRM, TecAlert and TecConnector modules to facilitate our information management."

Sales and service management at your fingertips with CRM System

As the IT coordinator of ELETEK (Shanghai), Miss Zhang Ying thinks that the growth of a company is inseparable from the utilization of Information technology. "Sales team is in the front line and plays an important role in the company, but it is also the most difficult department to manage. Moreover, the high turnover rate of sales staff causes significant impact to the company. Recently, we have added TecCRM customer relationship management modules in order to manage the sales process, project and after-sales service of both sales & technical team. "

TecCRM makes a detailed record for the pre-sales, sales and after-sales process that helps management to keep track the progress of the project and minimize the impact of high turnover rate of sales staffs. With all the project information at a glance, the inter-departmental co-ordination and follow up are enhanced.

Manage in proactive way with office automation tools

TecAlert is an alert system with tight integration to other ERP modules. TecAlert alerts operation staffs and supervisors through e-mail automatically on critical business events at predefined timing or as they occur. This turns management of ELETEK from a passive to a pro-active role.

With the new TecConnector modules, ELETEK can customize their own reports based on their need. Date can be retrieved from the system for manipulation automatically. The chart will updates as data changes which provide users real-time and detailed analysis. Miss Zhang concluded, "With these additional modules of TecSystems, our daily operation becomes more smooth and coordinated."

Many clients like ELETEK, the path of enterprise development has been accompanied by Techland. The flexible architecture of TecSystems allows implementing step by step according to business needs of enterprise at different stages to maximize the cost-effectiveness. ELETEK is one of our successful clients to implement the core ERP modules and then add in more value-added modules with the business development.