Title: Enhance Customer Experience with Omni-Channel Sales Strategy
Date: 2021-03-08

With the development of various media channel and the transparency of information, We have entered the era of Omni-Channel Retail. Different from multi-channel, the essence of omni-channel is customer-oriented, through the "combination and integration" of many retail channels (including online and offline), provide 360-degree fulfilment to customers’ needs.By linking various channels, merchants get more comprehensive information on the consumer preference and habit, thereby providing a more considerate and satisfying consumer experience. This greatly enhances the customer loyalty and business.Recently, we helped a liquor wholesaler and retailer successfully implementing omni-channel sales strategy with latest technology:

Online & mobile stores provide personalized experience

Online store and mobile app provide uninterrupted and convenient shopping functions and also more personalized customer experience. Customers can trace their order and delivery status or contact the merchant at any time on web or with their mobile. With the membership scheme, the merchant offers different promotion, e.g. birthday discount, and pushes messages through the mobile app to encourage repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty.

Pick up at store encouraging cross-channel sales

Merchant provides online consumers with the option of picking up goods in stores to achieve the purpose of cross-channel sales. When the online consumers pick up the goods and stay in store, merchant takes this opportunity to recommend products to them through face-to-face communication. According to statistics, this strategy successfully leads 15-20% of online customers spending again in the store. Moreover, merchant holds free wine tasting activities in the store from time to time which effectively attract online consumers to the physical store. The staffs can understand the preferences and needs of customers by face-to-face and provide personalized services which increase customer satisfaction.

Create community for information sharing

Nowadays, there are more channels for promotion and publicity through various social media, however excessive advertisements may become annoying to customers. Merchant established a group on social media platform for sharing knowledge and information about liquor in a soft perspective. Customers can also exchange opinions with others. Under the mutual influence of the community, the purchase behaviour will be encouraged. In addition, merchant invites KOLs to share product reviews and opinions in their social media platforms.

Analyse customer information for targeted marketing strategies

As mentioned, “customer-oriented” is the key of omni-channel sales, so how to collect and analyze customer data is critical. Merchant use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that integrated with different sales channels. Apart from centralized management of product, order and inventory information, the ERP systems also aggregate and analyse customer data from different channels. Merchant can better understand customers’ buying preference in order to formulate targeted market strategies and provide more suitable products.

In conclusion, the development of information technology has brought great changes to the retail industry. Enterprises need to spend more resources to establish omni-channel sales in order to retain the hearts of customers.

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