Title: Techland x Foodoor Smart POS Vending Machine
Date: 2021-08-23

To develop omni-channel sales? Apart from online stores, automatic vending machine may be another option. Merchants can build up more distribution points with lower cost and operate 24x7 without the time limit of physical retail store.

Different from traditional vending machines, “Techland x Foodoor” smart vending machine provides a cloud-based management platform. All transaction data of the vending machine will be automatically uploaded to the backend database, allowing merchants to check the transaction records and inventory level of the vending machine at any time, which help for convenient replenishment. The management platform also provides sales analysis to help merchants understand the sales figures of the vending machine, e.g. popular products, sales comparison of different locations, etc.

The biggest advantage of the smart vending machine is the integration with TecE POS and ERP systems. Enterprises can use the TecE ERP system to manage the whole operation process, e.g. sales, purchase, inventory & logistic for all their O2O business, including retail, e-commerce and wholesale/ distribution. In addition to develop omni-channel sales, the multi-angle data analysis provided by the ERP system greatly help in formulating short, medium and long-term strategies of company development

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