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Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

The evolutionary TecE ERP System leverages state-of-the-art technology and the Internet for high-performance collaboration and mobile processing. Designed to be dynamic and scalable, TecE runs on multi-tier platforms.

With an Internet backbone, businesses can access TecE ERP System from virtually anywhere. Our pre-built PDA integration enables seamless interoperability whether you are on the road or in a showroom. The Biz Intelligence System (BIS) of TecE equips you with daily analysis and managerial views on the key performance indicators (KPI) that affect your business’ success. With the extensibility of XML(Extensible Markup Language), TecE can be readily integrated with other 3rd-party applications of your customers and suppliers to establish a collaborative supply chain.

TecE General Feature Highlight :
Platform : MS .Net with MS SQL technology
PDA-enabled : Integrates with PDA to facilitate stock take, order processing or showroom management
XML- enabled : Can be readily integrated with other 3rd-party applications
Multi-Company : Structured for flexible reporting, both individual and consolidated
Multi-Currency : User-defined system currency and foreign currencies
Multi-Lingual : Multi-lingual system interface with “Unicode” applies to all inputs
Biz Intelligence System (BIS) : For daily analysis and managerial views on the key performance indicators (KPI) e.g. Price Variance Analysis
i.Search : Provides one-stop enquiry on all ad-hoc issues, from order tracking, price history enquiry to cross-departmental monitoring
Easy-Link : User-defined analysis codes and Easy-Link. Link-Master enables the critical references apply to all modules, hence facilitating analysis specific to your needs
Powerful Control :
  • Approval Center enables document authorization through workflow automation
  • Business monitoring and automation through user defined control factors, e.g. credit control, price control, insufficient stock control, over-ship control
  • Access right setting applies to customers / suppliers, salesmen, products, document groupings. Field-level security for sensitive information such as price and cost
  • Document versioning provides systematic tracking on modifications such as price, shipment date and quantity. Moreover, adjustments on approved documents will be automatically backup and archived for easy auditing