RFID and Bar Code Solution

Barcode System

Warehouse & Supply Chain Management

Feature Highlight:

RFID identification and retrieve item information
Automation of stock in / out / transfer process
Verification for packing and delivery procedure
Stock take management with RFID
Support lot no. and location tracing
Linking of supply chain management and TecE accounting system
Inventory and procurement analysis report

Key Benefit:

Increase inventory accuracy and traceability

Maintain optimum inventory level and minimize warehouse cost

Enhance efficiency and avoid human mistakes by workflow automation

Upgrade service levels by quick response time on delivery and procurement procedure

KPI analysis supports continuous improvement on inventory and supply chain management

Asset Management

Barcode System

Feature Highlight:

Enhance visibility and availability of asset
Prevent theft or unauthorized moves and usage
Improve efficiency on asset borrow /return and transfer
Analysis on asset usage patterns for decision making
Seamless integration with inventory and accounting cycle

Key Benefit:

Unique asset identification with RFID

Real time and accurately retrieve asset information and location

Automation of check-in and out process

Traceable record for the movement of the asset

Fixed Asset Management system supports acquisition, depreciation and disposal

Centralized monitoring of availability of asset with Inventory system

Reporting of assets list and life cycle summary