Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is critical to today's business, especially for retail / food and beverage industry which require frequent and timely fulfilment. Our web centralized purchase system linked with suppliers, shops / restaurants and TecE ERP system to provide a comprehensive SCM solution.


  • Shops / restaurants place purchase order manually
  • Large work load for account and administration department due to growing no. of branch
  • Rapid purchase cycle, information cannot be updated to system on time
  • Lack of timely and accurate analysis on accounting and inventory


Feature Highlight:

Web purchase centre centralize purchasing process
Shops / Restaurant can place purchase order to suppliers on web
Stock take function for branches
Integrate with account and inventory module of TecE ERP system
Shops can use the Expenses Claim Apps which link to accounting system
Provide purchase and inventory analysis report


Paperless procurement avoiding human mistake

Auto-generate procurement documents by system on web to eliminate duplicate input and enhance efficiency

Stock take of branches improving inventory control

Expenses Claim Apps reducing account and administration workload

Timely and accurate analysis supporting procurement strategy